Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rainy Days and Sundays: How to Make a Comfort-Scape

Winter weather is brittle. Sunny, spring-like temperatures are chased away by wet, gloomy cold-fronts. I keep track of the 7-day forecast because farm work is always waiting for us. It's miserable to repair fences on a rainy day.

I'd much rather stay indoors and dream.
(And eat carbohydrates, of course.)

On rainy Sundays, I crave heat and light.
I'm ready for flannel, fuzzy slippers, and comfort food.
But sometimes I need more.

I need a comfort-scape.

A comfort-scape is a cousin to a tablescape, but it appeals to the emotions, engages the senses, and contains edible elements. The idea is to build a little microcosm that distracts you from abysmal weather.

Elements of a Comfort-Scape

Scented candles send ripples of light over your table and perfume the air. Within minutes
you're enveloped in a rosy cocoon.  Chances are, you'll forget to look out your window.

Gather your favorite gardening books and turn your thoughts to springtime. 
Make a list of plants you want to add to your garden: cone flowers, hydrangeas, bee balm, roses, lilacs.

Change your world view.
  A sunny attitude is contagious. As Valentine's Day approaches, pretend the world is heart-shaped.

A basket of herbs infuses the air with fresh fragrance and hope.

 Green tea has anti-oxidant properties and is a natural appetite suppressant. But any comforting beverage will work, such as coffee, hot chocolate, espresso.

Rainy days can be grim. Whimsical (or much-loved) objects create instant comfort.
I am a third generation frog collector, and I can't be sad when a frog or two sits on my table. 
Shop your house for objects that make you laugh.

Layered white tableware is preferable to layered clothing (and trudging outside to plug goat holes). White is symbolic of fresh starts and bright summer days.

Suggestions for a Rainy Day Comfort-Scape
Include elements that appeal to the five senses:

Touch: an afghan or plaid wool throw
Smell: Aromatic herbs and scented candles
Visual: white dishes and whimsical objects
Sound: A Billie Holiday CD
Taste: strawberry muffins, croissants, berries, honey, hot tea

Do you have a rainy day ritual?
What would you include in a comfort-scape?


  1. What a wonderful idea! I am SO there with you! I'll have to think about what my comfort-scape would be...and then I'll take some photos to share with you! Thanks!

  2. This looks like comfort to the T with that beautiful plaid afgan, a great selection of books to read and a pretty place setting!

    A tiny table set by the fire,beautiful, soft crochet or knitted afgan close by and tea and scones and an antique novel would be comfort-scape to me.

    It's been ages since I have left a comment but love your posts-

    bee blessed

  3. Oh what a wonderful post!

    I am comforted indeed by your sharing what comforts you.

    Just lovely.

    Now to go find my fav flannel nightgown and go to bed.......

    True Comfort.

  4. What a mood lifter! Yes, I believe it looks and sounds perfect!!

  5. It's a rainy day in S TX, too, and husby is making waffles and bacon while I brew the coffee. I love seeing him in the kitchen on a Sunday (it's the only day he cooks). Last night was a long night of thunder storms so we cuddled on the couch watching a movie with warm bowls of Chocolate pudding. I think warm pudding will be my go-to rainy day food from now on : )

  6. LOVE this post. And what a wonderful phrase. A Tablescape but with food. You had me at food! :)

    I am such a ditz. Why did I not realize that this was your "new" blog? I really need to pay closer attention to things. Have a wonderful Comfortscape day. Barb

  7. Michael Lee,
    You make stayin indoors very comforting looking and peaceful. Have a great sunday. Pat

  8. Comfort-scape! I love this idea, ML. It's been rainy and cold here this weekend, so we've been sitting by the fire reading, stitching, munching. . . I think I need to pull together a comfort-scape for dinner. ;-)
    Thanks for always sharing inspiration just at the right moment. Your post are always full of beauty, and comfort for that matter. ~ Sarah

  9. Comfort-scape..what a great term. This comfort-scape can turn any rainy gloomy day into instant sunshine. Beautiful..I can smell the herbs!

  10. Comfort-scape is a great term, and your table personifies it perfectly. Love the flannel cloth, use of bandana for napkin (favorite trick of mine), and shopping the house for things you love, like gardening books, herbs, and candlelight. You brought me comfort, indeed. Enjoy your week. ~CJ

  11. Perfection!

    I would find your comfort=scape very...CONFORTING.
    (I just wish we'd have a bit of rain and cooler temperatures for a few days.)

  12. Hi Michael Lee! This is so pretty and it does feel comfortable. I love the word Comfort-scape! You have such vision and I love seeing your work.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. Love your comfort-scape! :) It is a dreary, cold & rainy day here so this would just what the doctor ordered! So cozy & inviting~ I'm thankful I'm not plugging goat holes! ♥

  14. that's the way to handle a rainy day.

  15. Comfort Scape- love this and your photos are lovely. Looking at them makes me forget about the bad weather! You are so clever!

  16. Oh your comfortscape looks like just the perfect setting for a cold Winter's day.

  17. That is a perfect comfort scape, ML! Warm and cozy, with some good things to nibble! A little nap too!

  18. After reading that you're a 3rd generation frog collector, know I know where all of that creative comes from :)

    Fresh herbs, gardening books and fresh fruit - those would all chase my winter blues away!

  19. It looks so cozy! I would love to sit there drinking coffee or having a cup of tea. And lots of carbs!!! XO Cindy

  20. your on a roll girl, i picked a good night to surf! i can smell your centerpiece...

  21. What a lovely and romantic breakfast comfort scape! Love it all! ~Delores

  22. Since rainy days are at the TOP of MY FAVORITE THINGS, I tend to want to dance all day. :))
    xo bj

  23. Michael Lee, this is a perfect post to link to the Tartan Parade. I'm definitely thinking about spring with more than just garden books. I've been digging in the dirt! So much to do here and the temps are already heating up.
    I like the idea of comforting myself with this comfort-Scape. ;-)
    ~ Sarah

  24. Great food for thought.

    I have not heard of a Comfort-scape but it completely makes sense!
    Your photos and the setting you have created is completely pulling all of us in!


  25. What a lovely idea! I love your "comfortscape" term. Gardening books, green tea, yummy snacks, a touch of whimsy and candles all speak to me. Thanks for another great post. Happy Tartan Day!



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